The Guidelines

Download Guidelines


  • YourFry globally opens on 25th September, and entries can be submitted until 11pm GMT on 1 December, 2014.
  • You can download the Stephen Fry content here
  • Submit your entry early so that our panel and people around the world can explore, discuss and appreciate your work!
  • The format of your entry must be a video, no longer than 3 minutes long, showcasing your creation.
  • Upload your video using a high speed broadband connection or similar to avoid unnecessary data costs.
  • The content and themes are provided to provoke imaginative ideas so you can create something new. Take a look at our content guidelines for more information.

Entry Guidelines

What is the timeline?

  • YourFry opens globally on 25th September, and entries can be submitted until 11pm GMT on 1 December, 2014.
  • ** We’ll start showcasing projects right away, so the sooner you submit your entry, the sooner our panel and people around the world around can explore, discuss and appreciate your work**

Can I enter as an individual or do I have to be a part of a team?

  • You can submit a creation here as an individual, as a team, or as part of one of our partnered events. There are no restrictions.

Can I submit more than one creation?

  • Yes

Where and how can I download Stephen Fry’s content?

  • The YourFry content can all be downloaded in the click of a button from You will also find inspirational videos at the same URL. If you are having trouble downloading or accessing the content, please contact us at

Can I submit my entry in a format other than a video?

  • All entries must be in video format to ensure that we showcase them effectively and consistently around the world. This video can be as simple as a keynote-style presentation summing up your idea, or an animated user journey through your project. Please see our video guidelines below to ensure you don’t have any difficulties.
  • If you have any supporting links for your creation please include them on the web link within the submission form, or if they can’t be included in the submission form as a link, please send to .

Can I return to edit or change my entry?

  • Unfortunately the form can only be uploaded once, and you are unable to return back to edit it. If you need to edit a detail, or change something important, please contact us at rather than uploading a new version, so that we can avoid duplication.
  • If you have successfully submitted your creation you’ll receive an email confirmation from us with further information.

Video Guidelines

What format can I upload my video in?

How long should my video be?

  • For optimum viewing experience, please refrain from uploading a video longer than 3 minutes. The minimum length is 10 seconds.

Why hasn’t my video uploaded?

  • You’re able to submit your creation using different devices/browsers, but we recommend that you:
    • Have a good internet connection before starting your entry form and upload process.
    • Upload your video using a high speed broadband connection or similar to avoid unnecessary data costs.
    • Use the latest version of a modern browser. We especially recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • We support the following list of browsers:
    • Safari 5.1+
    • Firefox 24+
    • Chrome 31+
    • IE9+ 
    • iOS 6+ 
    • Android 4.0+
  • Please note that some versions of iOS 8 have a bug preventing file upload ( and any users with this version will not be able to upload files at or anywhere on the web. Windows Phones do not have upload functionality except the latest versions of operating system, available on selected geographical locations. If you have any problems please contact us at
  • Note that submission of your creation might take several minutes depending on your internet connection. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us at

Content Guidelines

Where and how can I download Stephen Fry’s content?

  • The YourFry content can all be downloaded in the click of a button here from our partners, WeTransfer. If you are having trouble downloading or accessing the content, please contact us at

What content is in the zip file?

  • We have selected and prepared chunks of text and audio, along with imagery and metadata from Stephen Fry’s latest memoir More Fool Me, as well as The Fry Chronicles.
  • Together with these guidelines, there is an index and instruction guide titled “Read Me!” within the download pack to help you access and find content that inspires you.
  • We hope this content will provide plenty of inspiration for you to create something new. Stephen’s passions lie in technology, literature and language, gay rights, mental health, sport, love, friendship and heroes. Any of these themes could act as focus points for your own ideas.

Are there any restrictions on the content of the submissions?

  • We want to encourage creative and varied responses to the challenge, and as such the only restriction is that we ask you to include some aspect of the content made available. Any misuse or entries deemed to be offensive will be moderated. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
  • The content and themes are there as spring boards for something new.
  • We are open to all technologies, formats and mash-ups, from all art forms. Whether your idea is text-based, image-driven, filmic, animated, audio-focused or live/experiential, the output is entirely up to you.
  • Feel free to use existing APIs, material, and in any language! While the materials we are supplying you with are all in English, this is very much a global project.

Why only UK content? Can I translate it?

  • The source material is all in UK English, however this is very much a global project, and ideas are welcomed in any language to ensure that the audience have every opportunity to be inspired by your work.
  • Feel free to self-translate and submit a creation in your own language.

Can I include other content that hasn’t been supplied by Penguin Random House?

  • Yes. We actively encourage participants to consider which content partnerships may be possible and which additional APIs may be useful.
  • However it is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant permissions to use any such additional content.

General FAQs

What are the copyright terms?

  • To help you make your creation, we’re making available a pack of Stephen Fry material for you to use in it, including extracts from his books The Fry Chronicles and “More Fool Me” (as text and audio), book cover images and metadata. In return, we ask that your creation isn’t offensive or vulgar, that you let us use your creation in video and photo form in promotional material for the YourFry project and that you will talk to us first about working in partnership with you to further develop your creation.  For clarity, you will own your creation (except any of the Stephen Fry material included in it) but you can’t use any of Stephen Fry’s material beyond the purposes of this challenge and as set out in the terms and conditions.  Likewise, we will only use your video as described above and in the Terms and Conditions.

What media and promotion can I do with my creation?

  • You are able to host, display or broadcast your video/work outside of the YourFry website as you wish. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.
  • We would love to you share your creation far and wide through all social outlets, and make sure you direct your viewers to appreciate it on the YourFry website.
  • Please do make sure to include your project#, along with #YourFry and @StephenFry in any social activity.

How will the panel judging work? What is the award?

  • The culmination of this project will see our elite panel of Stephen Fry, Tim Berners-Lee and friends critique and award notable creations to be broadcast on the screens of 10s of millions around the globe via our partner, WeTransfer, and receive the infamous Penguin Fry Innovation stamp of recognition for your portfolios and networks.
  • Throughout the project the panel, along with Penguin, will be spotlighting notable and interesting innovations throughout all of their and our channels internationally. We would love you to be a part of the conversation online through Twitter #YourFry.
  • The project finale will involve recognising and announcing outstanding submissions across their various disciplines and interests.
  • There will be significant media write-ups in our partner outlets, promotions across all their sites as well as TV and radio coverage which we will unveil closer to the time.