A reading from Stephen Fry


Stephen has such a soft and chocolate covered voice that I wanted the animation to mix with that. I had just finished a short film and after hearing Stephen reading the excerpt I have chosen, I knew with a re-edit parts of my film would sit beautifully over Stephen’s fantastic voice. The bit that is important is Stephen's story, what he is saying, So I wanted the animation to be soft and gentle, I didn't want something that had the listener, stop listening and concentrate on the images, so it is deliberately slow and mild in its pace. I really hope you guys like what I have done and I really hope all at penguin and Stephen have fun looking through everyone’s entries. Thanks for a great project!

Creatives Trevor hardy, animator, model maker.
Theme Acting
Technology Animation/Illustration
Hashtag #Stephensorry
Location Lancing, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Email werbs.hardy@ntlworld.com