Faronel's Ground


It’s a short movie I made about bipolar disorder, based on the materials as well as the inspiration, provided by Stephen Fry.

Too bad I heard about the #YourFry project only one week ago, so the movie had to be made in very limited time and, as I was the solemn developer of the project, with scarce resources.

First of all, once again, I would like to thank Mr.Stephen Fry for his immense and valuable work in many subjects, covering lots of social problems and issues. I was (and I am) deeply inspired by Mr.Fry’s documentaries, concerning mental health issues and human rights. As well as being an admirer of Mr.Fry’s works in general, that little movie of mine is just a measure of saying “thank you” to the very person, Stephen Fry, standing behind all that energy, creativity and ideas.

So thank you, Mr.Fry!

Creatives Giorgi Iashvili
Theme Mental health
Technology Visual
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Email r.v.jeeves@gmail.com