I wanted to demonstrate the range of sounds and meaning that can be created from language. I chose to focus on a section of Steven Fry’s book where he discusses the power of words, and manipulate and edit this to create sounds with visceral and gestural meaning. I wanted to perform these live to emphasis this, and sued the Axoloti programme and board to create a hand-made MIDI controller which sequenced the audio live. From this I then sampled different sections of the text as it progressed, editing the length of samples, their frequency, panning and filtering them in stereo with dials. Underneath this I wrote a rhythmic template on Ableton Live, which fixed the pieces structure and included significant quotes from the prose. By doing this I wanted to demonstrate both in the music and in the performance the polarity between form and chaos in language and meaning. Enjoy!

Creatives Sara Morris
Theme Writing
Technology Electronic/hardware
Hashtag #Fry-ed
Location London, United Kingdom