Fry 's Toothsome Delight


Reading a book means to me a new landscape, new street, new building, new person... All of them are in my head. It is my very private cinema, figments of my imagination. It is hard to share them with somebody else. But living in digital era gives me options and tools to try it.
I can share my interpretation in machinima and my dreamscapes in virtual world.
My project is virtual place - landscapes, interior and avatar used in video. My filming locations are running on OpenSimulator, multiplatform open source environment, which can be used to create a virtual world. You can create your own private world at your home computer. You can create virtual world for your friends or join any publicly accessible OpenSim virtual world and let people use and enjoy your creations.
You can visit my virtual world, walk these sweet landscapes and become that boy. Or a girl:)

Creatives Zuza Ritt
Theme Addiction
Technology Other
Hashtag #FrysToothsomeDelight
Location Brno, Czech Republic