Interface/Experience Design Team - YourFry Toronto


On November 6th, Ryerson University’s Transmedia Zone, Penguin Books, and the Toronto Reference Library teamed up with over 60 readers, storytellers, designers, makers and innovators to envision the library of the future. Teams tackled design fictions for architecture, interface design, and narrative. The design challenge was successful in generating out of the box ideas that envisioned the future of story, community and learning with the library at the forefront of each concept.

Drawing from another Stephen Fry quote: “Incuriosity is the oddest and most foolish failing there is,” the Interface & Experience design team created the “Holoroom” as a means of guided learning for sensory experiences. Acting as an immersive, custom user experience, the “Holoroom” generates interactive surroundings to aid in the learning flow for library goers, creating a gamified scavenger hunts that leads patrons on a custom hyperlinked narrative exploration of the space.

Creatives Olivia Pierratos, Frederick Emrich, Kris Alexander, Marissa Frosst, Emily Doherty, Kris Abel, Karen Kwan, Ahmed Sagarwala
Theme Technology
Technology Visual
Hashtag #yourfrytoronto
Location Toronto, Canada