Map Fry


Map Fry is an online browser game, where players can discover information from all over the web, collected in one place and united by passions and interests of Stephen Fry. It has a form of a map, only this map appears as players uncover interconnected text, images, audio and video, linked by direct reference or mere association.

It all begins with a single quote, and if you are curious, you can start your own unique adventure, by following links that appeal to you.

But the biggest part of Map Fry is the players. The idea behind Your Fry project was so much fun, that it should not end with the deadline. Map Fry can allow everyone to contribute and create, by establishing the platform for people to share knowledge and resources on the subjects they are passionate about.

More detail can be found here:

Creatives Eugenia Shyrochenkova, Michael Meleshkin
Theme Other
Technology Game
Location Cherkasy, Ukraine