Print The Digital Self


This project explores the extent to which our digital self reflects a true identity and is under our own control. To illustrate and embody our point, we found quotes from, about, and linked to Stephen Fry, wrote them down, and stuck them onto a living person, letting them grow to represent a digital avatar in physical form. All of this came together to show that our digital selves evolve in layers, representing, expressing, and sometimes obscuring what may possibly be our actual self. Every layer of perception placed on the live person represents how our identity is not given but rather created by how we see ourselves, how we represent ourselves, and how others see ourselves. The self is not an absolute fixed entity (a noun)—it is an activity, an ongoing and ever-changing process (a verb).

Thus, our project is not just the final result achieved, but also incorporates all of the stages involved in creating and unravelling the self

[Please note that if difficulty is found opening our video file, it can also be viewed via our website link]

Creatives Lee McClellan, Martha Reed, Gabrielle Jaques, Klas Berglund Prytz, Yin Yin Lu, Sian Meaney
Theme Other
Technology Visual
Hashtag #PrintTheDigitalSelf
Location Oxford, United Kingdom