Scripta - Text alive!


Scripta is name of software for mobile smart devices . It's purpose is to enable users to retrieve and attach multimedia and social content to paragraphs of printed text.
To use Scripta instal app on your smart device.
Find book enhanced by Scripta content.
Scan portion of text you are interested and discover related results in seconds.
If you want, you may add your own content to scanned portion of text.
Once content is added to one language text it is automatically related to other translations of the same text source. This means that what is added to Lithuanian version of "Your Fry" is automatically transferred to English version of same book.
There are few more tricks it can offer to make reading easier and more enjoyable with text augmented multimedia.

Creatives Lukas Narutis, Sigitas Limontas
Theme Writing
Technology App/web app
Hashtag #text_alive
Location Vilnius, Lithuania