Speaking ink


“Ever since I can remember I have loved radio, especially the kind of talk radio that only the BBC Home Service, later Radio 4, provides."

Excerpt From: Stephen Fry. “Stephen Fry Sampler.” iBooks.

I have spent thousands of hours working alone as a cartographer/illustrator with only the radio for company. I had a tiny radio at school in South Africa and could curl up after 'lights out' and listen to shows like the 'Men from the Ministry' and familiar, comforting voices. The Shipping forecast has always been my favourite radio event.

I don't make a living from maps anymore, I am now a learning support teacher. It was only when I attended the Hackathon that Stephen said that new technologies don't necessarily replace the old, his example being stairs and escalators, that I started to think about ink in a different way. I chatted to the experts there about ways ink could be used by students to access language more easily and crack the code of letters and sounds as they write, and was directed to Bare Conductive Ink.

My project is a speaking Shipping forecast map using Bare Conductive's touch board and ink, which uses Stephen's voice to charge my ink. I hope we are not too far away from a pen that speaks as we write, an 'intelligent' fountain pen!

Creatives Cathy Horton
Theme Other
Technology Animation/Illustration
Location Guildford, United Kingdom