Stephen Fry: Confession


My YourFry project features three specifically picked out chapters from More Fool Me, three I felt were most central to Stephen Fry’s story- his weight and perception of his physical self, his drug addiction, and finally, his apology and admittance about this addiction. These chapters were read out by Fry himself while I hand-picked footage from various images, films, TV shows, cartoons, video games, music videos and other cultural products that associated with the words Fry was reading- for example, a short clip from Trainspotting while Fry uttered ‘the druggie culture’.

I chose this idea because I feel Stephen Fry is the epitome of pop culture. He’s obviously on TV and in film, he’s renowned for his love of technology and games, and he’s almost central to media products in general. However, while perceived as both docile and calming, More Fool Me shows the hectic, stressful and challenging life he lives, that’s why I bombarded the viewer with short, sharp footage with quick cuts that encapsulate Fry’s life to a tee.

Creatives Joe Stevens
Theme Addiction
Technology Visual
Hashtag #StephenFryConfessional
Location Bristol, United Kingdom