The Library As Virtual Catalyst (Architecture Team - YourFry Toronto)


On November 6th, Ryeron University’s Transmedia Zone, Penguin Books, and the Toronto Reference Library teamed up with over 60 readers, storytellers, designers, makers and innovators to envision the library of the future. Teams tackled design fictions for architecture, interface design, and narrative. The design challenge was successful in generating out of the box ideas that envisioned the future of story, community and learning with the library at the forefront of each concept.

Inspired by this quote from Stephen Fry: “This is the point. One technology doesn’t replace another, it compliments it” and as promotion of social and cultural progress, the Architecture team envisioned the library of the future will become a place where people and memories are digitized. These virtual time capsules can be projected for the user by way of technologically enhanced walls, as patrons can "sign out" and interact with holographic versions of literary greats. Learning pods, also a topic of discussion, hang from the ceiling and provide a silent space for individuals to access technology and a perfect meeting space for your business/project needs.

Creatives Vincent Hui, Kevin Pu, Johnathan Chan, Jeff Jang
Theme Other
Technology New technologies
Hashtag #_#yourfrytoronto
Location Toronto, Canada