Thoughts, Moods and Emotions


For this project, we decided to take parts of Stephen Fry’s book and interpreted the thoughts and feelings he portrayed in the text. We began experimenting with words and colour to create textile samples inspired by his words. We explored different techniques and medias to create a various range of interpretations. We were then inspired by the samples to create final outcomes taking the shape of wall-hangings reflecting parts of ‘More Fool Me’.
Each one represents different chapters of his life; one being the way he remembers his childhood home, and how much he wishes it was different. This was portrayed through the idea of modernising the William Morris wallpaper of the 1980’s that he mentions in his book, and then incorporating it in with descriptive text about his childhood home. One other being how he sees the different views and judgements of his audience through the emotions of carelessness and self-indulgence portrayed through the use of colours and textures. The final one being his later life and the regrets of his cocaine addiction - shown through a microscopic image of cocaine interpreted in a textile manor.
The video shows the development and processes of our outcomes, with overlaying speech from the Stephen Fry audiobook which we used to inspire our work.

Creatives Zoe Woolfenden, Emmeline Footitt
Theme Other
Technology Other
Location Exeter, United Kingdom