You're Fry


How is it possible that Stephen Fry does all the TV that he does, all the writing that he does, and still find time for all that Tweeting? The answer is that it is not. In truth there is a secret base with an army of faceless drones endlessly Tweeting on his behalf. The only problem is that they use verbatim quotes from his written works, which can result in some odd non sequiturs.

This short dramatic film was made at the YourFry Hackathon at the Bodleian Library in just a few short hours. In honour of Stephen's Applephilia, it was made just using an iPad.

This dark comedy explores themes of celebrity and identity.

Creatives Participants on the Bodleian Library YourFry Hackathon with filmmaking support from Keith Phillips
Theme Celebrity
Technology Visual
Location Oxford, United Kingdom