A digital storytelling project for everyone

At Penguin, the story doesn’t end on the page.

Imagine gathering up the thoughts of Stephen Fry, giving them a good shake, and rebuilding the resulting disorder in a totally original fashion.

That’s exactly what we asked creative minds across the world to do – and the result was a riotous, diverse and ground-breaking initiative called YourFry. The entries were funny, thoughtful, technical and beautiful, ranging from mobile apps to paper illustrations. Take a look at Stephen Fry setting the challenge below, or head over to our Interpretations page to see how the world responded.

The panel

  • Stephen Fry
    Stephen Fry
  • Tim Berners-Lee
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  • Claire Lee
    Claire Lee
  • Elan Lee
    Elan Lee
  • Lance Weiler
    Lance Weiler
  • Will Gompertz
    Will Gompertz