Fry and I


This animated piece focuses on Stephen Fry's hypomanic state. I have also included the opposite side to hypomania...depression which will be illustrated through my own experience with it. This will allow us to see how vastly different they both are.

Fry and I is not only about Stephen Fry but also about myself. I have interpreted his story in a way I can relate to personally. His personal experience with hypo-mania gave me the courage to confront, explore and understand, my own depressive and manic states. Recently these had become a challenge to deal with but has helped to create this rather passionate, surreal, colorful and engaging animation.

The overall look is very much Terry Gilliam inspired. In addition I was also inspired by the ideas and imagery of the Dadaists and Surrealists artwork . These have been incorporated within the film to visually represent the dark, surreal world of hypo-mania and depression.

Thanks very much for reading this and do enjoy my quirky animation.

Creatives Kelly J Palmer, Just Animate
Theme Mental health
Technology Animation/Illustration
Hashtag #FryandI
Location Oxford, United Kingdom