My addiction to Sugar - The Fry Chronicles


This movie is based on an extract from “The Fry Chronicles”. It is my honest attempt to capture the painful struggles and inner qualms of a fledgling Stephen Fry, hardly seven. The movie gives you a glimpse into his first major addiction – Sugar – and how his young life full of sweetness turns sour once deprived of it, when he was sent to a preparatory school 200 miles away from his Norfolk home.

I chose the childhood plot because it is pure, innocent and modest, and is common to children of all castes, religions and places. It is also an experiment with a British plot in an Indian context which seems quite interesting! I hope as audiences you will find this movie thoughtful and humorous, underlined with melancholy.

Creatives Rahul Chandel
Theme Acting
Technology Visual
Hashtag #YourFry
Location New Delhi, India