#LoveAdmidships is an experimental short film played across two screens. Taking Stephen Fry's words, we wanted to craft a monologue that would break free of the fourth wall by having our central character reach out and call you, the viewer, via a video chat. The nature of the dialogue is not conversational but more that of an internal monologue, something that would usually be done in voice over.

Rather than rely on the viewer to sync both their screens manually we wanted to create an automated system that would do it for you. We used a service called PubNub that allows you to create a data channel that two browsers can communicate between. Using the YouTube API we published each video’s play status to the channel and had the other video play or pause accordingly. A security layer was also added so that our channels were private allowing for only one person to control their own film.

This idea is really just a proof of concept. There is scope to use this technique in a really creative way for other films. It would be really interesting in a 'found footage' style film for instance.

Perhaps the future of cinema might have us connect our devices to the screen and have part of the narrative play out on your phone.

Creatives Jeremy Willmott
Theme Love
Technology API
Hashtag #LoveAmidships
Location London, United Kingdom
Email jeremywillmott@me.com