Hi! Nice to meet you!
We are Zina and Noa, good friends and visual communication students from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel.
We specialize in graphic design and in print. We insist print is not a dying field, so we wanted to combine our our love of paper and crafts with Stephen Fry's extremely abundant and fascinating world.
Stephen has so many inspirations, we did not know which one of them to pick for our project!
We decided to try and combine all of them, and invent a new kind of "dish", using the various themes as the different "ingredients"!
Our result is a short stop-motion cooking show with a recipe to "nourish the mind" (as Stephen enriches ours with all he chooses to do). We hope you enjoy! :)


Music: Angelo Debarre Quartet , Song: Hot Lips

Lighting: Savio Fernandes

Thank you to our teachers at Shenkar:
Noa Schwartz, Nirit Binyamini, & Ofir Liberman

Creatives Noa Nizzani & Zina Dorman
Theme Other
Technology Animation/Illustration
Hashtag #StirFry
Location Tel Aviv, Israel