The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive.


I began my project by using various materials, such as his latest book "More Fool Me", to gather together an idea of how mental health problems are dealt with. By taking a personal approach to this project and reflecting Fry's inner most emotions onto a important person in my life; who also suffers with mental health issues.
I decided to base my work around a word I found to come up a lot within the topic of mental health- ASHAMED.
I started to work with the idea of creating a smart jacket, much like the ones that Fry is often captured in, and make it a reflection of hiding problems so much so that many people result in suicide attempts.
By using various embroidery techniques distorted the jacket so it became a rough edged, textured map of the mental unstable mind.

Creatives Charlotte Ward - Modelled by Beth Rawlings
Theme Mental health
Technology Other
Hashtag #justanotherjacket
Location Exeter, United Kingdom