Unexpected Diversion Ahead


This video is inspired by extract #20 of Stephen Fry's "More Fool Me" memoir - "Unexpected Diversion Ahead: The effects of a manic episode". The author’s narration tracks the twin engines of mania and depression. Technology used to create this mash-up is, both, audio and visual in nature. Acoustic piano, guitar, and percussive ‘thumps’ are recorded at home in Newfoundland, Canada using Cubase. The silent film excerpted is Buster Keaton's 1926 classic "The General" (NB the clip is from the Public Domain Harvard University Film Foundation print which predates the finely restored versions of this movie available today - and highly recommended for full viewing).

Creatives Allison Crowe
Theme Mental health
Technology Audio
Hashtag #YourFry20MFM
Location Corner Brook, NL, Canada
Email management@allisoncrowe.com