World On Our Shoulders


Reading “More Fool Me” by Mr. Fry was a starting point for a strong imaginative impulse, which led me to sit down at my piano and write a little song called “World On Our Shoulders”. It wasn't until a few days later I realised that there was such a thing as a #YourFry competition. I spoke to my friends Steven R. Smith (director and editor) and Chris Oughton (cinematographer), and we decided to go on a month-long, budget-free journey, and create a music video fitting to the song. The song was subsequently recorded in a nearby music studio in between the filming.

One important aspect of the book that I felt passionate about are the issues regarding gay rights, sexuality, and love. I cannot for the world of me understand why being gay is considered a problem in this day and age, and the lyrics of the song strongly touch upon that subject. Together with the director, I was certain early on that I wanted to employ the one and only Oscar Wilde in order to portray Mr. Fry’s alter ego, and his struggle with the media portrayal of himself and his sexuality. The film was shot and edited in beautiful Cambridge - creating another link to Mr. Fry’s text. Ultimately, the film and the song is about love and hope. And we certainly hope you enjoy.

Creatives Nora Silk, Steven R. Smith, Chris Oughton
Theme Love
Technology Visual
Hashtag #WorldOnOurShoulders
Location Cambridge, United Kingdom